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Robert “Bob” Seeley | Obituaries | – Roswell Daily Record

Robert “Bob” Seeley passed away on Tuesday March 5, 2024, in Roswell NM. He was 68 years old. There will be a memorial services on Saturday March 30, …    ​Read More

Eating an Avocado a Day Had This Totally Unexpected Result – The Debrief

Study subjects who agreed to eat an avocado a day showed marked improvement in their overall diet quality by increasing their consumption of other …    ​Read More

What’s Good is UFO sightings – WABE

Mark and David take a look at this week’s top stories: the Hawks comeback over the Celtics, Mayor Dickens’ “State of the City” address, …    ​Read More

UFO Files – Blaze – TV Guide

UFOs and the White House: Conspiracy theories on the link between the US government and aliens. UFO Files airs on Blaze at 7:00 PM, …    ​Read More

Maybe the official UFO-watchers can do better – American Thinker

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, according to the adage. AARO (the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) seems a little bit unclear …    ​Read More