While I am sure you would love for this story to be true, it is not. Concert goers in Florida a year ago mistook lights from her show as a UFO in the skies above. That is about as close as it gets. Apologies to all the Swifties that clicked this link. However, there is a real point to be made to actual UFO/UAP researchers by doing this.

The point is to highlight the many struggles UFOlogists must overcome. In addition to simple hoaxes and misidentifications, there is another major hurdle in the study of the phenomena. Public perception, interested, and disillusionment are actually the biggest challenges facing the field of research today.

You may ask yourself why everyone isn’t interested in this topic. After all, it could literally change the course of humanity. The answer is as simple as you think. Disillusionment has been the norm for decades. People have been lied to and tricked to the point of not even showing interest in the major UFO related headlines, opting instead for the quick fix such as the headline of this article. There are groups inside and outside of government that have intentionally lied to the public for a very long time, and it continues today. I need not remind you of the recent AARO report which makes it ever so clear a falsehood is being relayed to the people. We will not go into the pros and cons of the report now, but there are both.

With the degrading attention span and need for three second news stories, the public may not ever return to the level interest they once held. It is with this in mind that I implore the reader who has made it this far to get creative with your approach. Read past the headlines and news bites. Use current trends to gain attention while being careful not push readers and viewers away. Try to become the headline instead of just sharing it. By catering to the zeitgeist we may just be able to keep the ember of public interest alive until such time as it catches the fire of disclosure.